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Harcourts is an Australian real estate company. John Bateman Harcourt established the Harcourts real estate company in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1888

A customer they lost talks about a bad experience "Just vacated property with Harcourts. Innovations. Broke our backs all month leaving the place spotless as well as paying for many things to be done professionally. Was that enough for Harcourts? Of course not. We were given books worth of 'problems' needing to be attended to, like oh noes an extractor fan casing we forgot to put back on! It's not like the agent couldn't have just, ya know, put it back on herself while she was there anyway. Oh, I forgot, that's too much effort for people whose the only job is too nosey round properties looking for the most insignificant of things to talk about. Thanks, Harcourts for making the last month absolute hell for us".


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Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was manipulated from the beginning by the management. I was told I could advance, and learn all aspects of the job. I was not given the chance to learn. I was tricked to believe that the management supported me, but they continually disrespected me on a daily basis as an individual. They did not value any work I put in, even though I worked extra hours and created a new system to organize the work for the management. I was fed up and was forced to leave as they decided to treat me with utmost disrespect for doing my job and after they didn't need me anymore they decided I was even more useless to them."

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"Owner does not know how to run a business whatsoever. Apply for a different Harcourts. Harcourts as a whole is a wonderful company, however this specific branch will get you no where."

Rental Admin (Former Employee) says

"While Harcourts as a whole is a good company to work for - just make sure that the individual branch owners have good morals and work ethic. Always be sure of where you want to work."

Personal Assistant & Client Relations (Former Employee) says

"Work in different roles with things changing everyday. High standards are expected from you. Growing into a large company. Cons: Bad communication"

Real Estate Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Normal office hours but on call anytime. I learnt sales skills, continual client contact and communication. Very competitive and the hardest part is finding new business. The rewarding part of this job is when you help someone with such a big part of their life and they are happy with the outcome."

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very structured days, daily diary to routine of work done to keep motivated. Cons: Large office with lots of differing female personalities that sometimes clashed"

Sales & Leasing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Harcourts is a great franchise. It offers its franchisees a host of services and support. They have an excellent organisational culture with a vibrant diversity of nationalities and a strong international network. Cons: No salary and not enough leads from the office"

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"I worked at Harcourts full-time for more than 5 years Cons: People get under paid. And most people with senior titles do not do daily development. Only juniors do."

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"I worked at Harcourts full-time for more than a year Cons: No training provided on the job. All new employees are giving a small desk, some are asked to work out of their cars, and start cold calling from day one. Employment is on a contract basis, so no superannuation provided - despite the fact, some employees have been there for more than six months."

Former Employee - Licensed Real Estate Agent says

"I worked at Harcourts full-time for less than a year Cons: Corporate allocate and license to many Franchisee's who know little about residential real estate - the Broadwater office in Southport being an example. This office operates without proper contracts , due diligence and a strategic plan to assist sellers. The Principal just lists properties and hopes for the best without any support for agents, hence massive agent turnover !"

Former Employee - Investment Consultant says

"I worked at Harcourts full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Entirely family owned business, tightest owner ever without long term vision Directors are lack of qualification and experiences, no proper or professional training provided. None of them has adequate IT skills, they can't even type a proper English email! Worst customer service ever! Doggy management practices, staff are lack of skills. Poor salary or wages (under pay for new staff)"


"I have been working at Harcourts for more than a year Cons: There is little control over the franchise agencies and what or how they do business."

Former Employee - Office Administrator says

"I worked at Harcourts full-time for less than a year Cons: Corporate doesn't understand how real estate agents and brokers work. They assume that agents should know everything about IT. They have invested a significant amount of money in their failed IT projects. Real estate is a personable experience and that's what the agents and brokers bring to the table."

Former Employee - Desktop Publisher says

"I worked at Harcourts full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Chaotic workplace. Very few processes followed."

Former Employee - Property Manager/BDM says

"I worked at Harcourts full-time Cons: Very stressful. Lots of issues from the predecessor"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Harcourts full-time Cons: Management continually makes an effort to squeeze more out of you, no matter how much you exceed their expectations."

Former Employee - Sales Agent says

"I worked at Harcourts full-time for less than a year Cons: No fixed income. Requires a bit more support for agents"

Tennant says

"I have been screwed over by Harcourts. once as a tennant who they refused to assist with basic repairs. Then again when the owner of another location where it was tennented by another real estate when with harcourts to sell. they built us up to help them with inspections and framed it up they will only sell to investors. only to get the sale and then the new owners are to cancel our lease. they are greedy they dont give a shit about anything but getting the sale."

Mon says

"Had a really bad..or should I say the worst experience with harcourts. When we were notified that the owner of the flat we are renting decided to sell the house, we were given the chance (by the sales department side) to decide whether to stay until the contract ends or move out early without paying for breach of contract (which the owner agreed). Thus, we decided to move out before our contract ends. We contacted the agent from the rental department about our decision. All she said was she never had any knowledge about it! Come to think of it, they both work at the same company and property, but failed to update each other about the owner and tenants’ plans/decision. Plus, the agent from the sales told us beforehand that he will contact the agent from the rental department about the situation. So, we thought everyone were already informed. Days were wasted waiting for a decision. They also told us to be patient. But, whenever they want something from us they want it asap. Fastforward to moving out. So, they allowed us to move out of the flat. Cleaning time! We made sure that the flat looked as it was when we moved in. But, when they inspected the house they weren’t satisfied about it. They told us they’re going to compare it with the previous photos. Never heard anything about them until they sent us an email about the charges been done for the cleaning. Never again with harcourts."

Lorena says

"Angela Reynolds harcourts Thames has terrible customer service skills, is unreliable and dishonest. My experience with Angela is the worse I have ever endured, she says she will call me back but doesn't and I'm left to chase her, I understand harcourts have alot of applications but when I see a house pop up on the Harcourt site and I apply for it and call straight away to be told oh there are literally hundreds of applicants already?? Like I'm not a number Angela I'm a person and are you telling me within an hour there are 100s of applications? Okay so when are your viewing times? Oh I'll call and let you know ? okay one week later two weeks later six applications for six different rentals via Angela I have never got one text or email or phone call from this agent not one viewing nothing! But I did catch her on a lie and she cannot deny this as I have a recording on my phone, she thought I was her friend and swore at me saying #@%k send your bond form I lost it hahaha omg last week was crazy what are you doing? I said um I'm not your friend I'm a client and do you often give houses to your mates and she said oh omg sorry I thought you were someone else! I hung up and ever since then I am done with harcourts Thames and their immature behaviour I called the office to tell them but they didn't care to listen the woman on the other end just said oh she probably just got confused ? I mean really us that your professional response? because to me they look at clients like numbers pffft thankfully I got treated like a person by LJ Hooker and am renting a lovely home with lovely mature agents. If I could give Angela some advice it would be to treat people with respect and carry a notebook to jot down dates you say you will call people back and follow through with your talk. Also be mindful of your swearing when answering phone calls on a business phone. People just be mindful not All harcourts are probably like this but Thames definitely are!"

consumer1 says

"Harcourts maintain a good reputation, but they are worse than Ray White. They control over half of the available stock in many places, giving them an unchecked monopoly to set the prices and decide who gets a house. Their real estate agents have all got wealthy, so they behave like royalty and treat everyone else as garbage. Try to rent? They gather more sensitive information than government ever does, and never call back, since there's plenty of people in the queue Try to sell? They just wait and sit, and wear you down to sell your house under the market value to get their commission Try to buy? They misrepresent the buying process and the properties they sell, and manipulate you with last-minute bidding contests Just don't deal with them. They will act all smiles until you find yourself screwed over."